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Your Private Investigator in Vancouver

Trouble comes in all shapes and forms, and so do our private investigation services. Over the years, we've moulded our services to meet your demands, which is why you'll always find what you need. You might be looking for some peace of mind when your partner acts suspiciously. Or you might be in the process of deciding whether a potential employee is right for you. Whatever your need might be, we at Check Mate will find a solution for you so that you can sleep better at night. We have experience in investigating all sorts of people, suspected of all sorts of behaviours. You can rely on us to find out the truth.  Our head office is in Vancouver and we offer our main services in Vancouver and all across the Lower Mainland, Whistler, and Calgary. 

Fraud Investigation

In simple terms, fraud denotes deceiving someone unlawfully in the hopes of causing them damage or getting a financial gain. Fraud, which is made easy by modern practices, is alarmingly rampant in our world. A large portion of fraud directly targets businesses and corporations. There are many kinds of fraud, including insurance fraud, worker's compensation fraud, corporate fraud, etc. The private investigators at Checkmate International Investigations Agency know fraud inside-out. Over the years, we've dealt with all kinds of fraud, and we've managed to dig up quality evidence every time. At Check Mate, we specialize in providing efficient and professional fraud investigation services. If you suspect someone of trying to commit a fraud against you, call us immediately and we'll lead you to the truth.

Advantage of Using Fraud Investigators

The advantages of bringing in a third-party fraud investigation firm are numerous. Our investigators at Check Mate are trained professionals, which is why they know what to look for. Our team has the knowledge and experience to conduct a thorough investigation and navigate smartly through challenging situations.


Impartiality is another advantage. We have no personal or professional relationship with the person you suspect. This means you can be assured of an unbiased investigation being conducted for your case. There is a possibility that these investigations may lead to criminal prosecution. Therefore, having an impartial judgment is crucial.

Types of Fraud Investigations:

  • Checking Applications for Debt Fraud - To reduce the risk of application fraud, we help you identify fraud at the point of application. This allows us to offer the best possible experience for our customers. We provide real-time checks that do not lengthen or disrupt the journey of our customers.
  • Corporate Surveillance - In order to prevent incidences of corporate irregularities that could undermine the bottom line, we provide corporate surveillance solutions. We focus on resolving corporate abuses, irregular transactions, and malpractices.
  • Employee Activity Check - Financial thefts such as embezzlement and others are supposedly the most usual forms of staff fraud. We can help you track and keep an eye on your employees’ activities without making them feel insecure. 
  • Employee Provided Information Check - It is important to know vital information about your employees before hiring them. This is why we can help you do a reliability check on all information provided by your potential employees. We also collect factual information about their work history.

Cheating Spouse Investigation

A spouse's cheating can turn your life upside down. Not only does it affect you emotionally, but it threatens your family and your finances. We'll help you find the truth so that you can move on and address the crucial decisions that will follow. Find out more about our cheating spouse investigation services.

Background Investigation

Investigating someone's background, in what is commonly called a background check, may be necessary for a variety of circumstances. You might be worried about hiring a new nanny for your child without knowing a thing about them. Or you might wonder whether a potential new employee is the right person to be sharing your company's secrets with. Whatever the cause, the investigators at Checkmate International Investigations Agency understand your unique situation and dedicate themselves to finding out the information that you need to make an informed decision that will affect your business or your family.You should come to us if you're looking for a thorough report that includes but is not limited to a person's criminal background, education history, employment records and marital status.

Skip Tracing / Locating Missing People

Whether it's an old acquaintance that you lost touch with, or it's a loved one who's been missing, the team at Checkmate International Investigations Agency will provide you with their expertise in all cases. We have experience in tracing people and have successfully helped clients with their unique situations in the past. In fact, we have a 98% success rate with skip tracing. The people you might need our help with include:

  • Missing family members

  • Heirs

  • Long lost family members

  • Former business partners

  • Former lover

  • Biological parents

  • Those who owe you debts

Are you looking for an ex-spouse to send them important legal documents? Or are you looking for beneficiaries of an estate? The team at Checkmate International Investigations Agency will help you out.

Spy Store

We are your go-to spy store if you need any help in getting to the bottom of things. We are well-equipped to carry out discreet investigations and come up with high-quality results. Whether you want to keep us an eye on a cheating partner or need help exposing a fraudulent employee, we can do it all for you.

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